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GH Privacy Policy

I suppose we need a privacy policy for the site Gamerheadquarters including any apps that are run from website. Gamerheadquarters covers a variety of topics regarding gaming, movies and other modern online culture.

We it comes to cookies we have eight that are noticed on the site of which Gamerheadquarters is not responsible for. We use "Add This" for social media display including sharing items or viewing our social media sites. This is third party and not tracked by Gamerheadquarters. We also don't track any information aside from the standard Awstats information which includes estimates of time spent, visitors and unique hits. Any other cookies or tracking of any sort is not done by Gamerheadquarters, please notify us if anything is showing as it could be a breach in our access file. We truly do not need to track anyone or care to. We also don't process payments of any kind on Gamerheadquarters as we don't have ecommerce elements. Building on that we do not have any sort of login area of the site so no statistics on viewers of the site are tracked.

Location: We do not track where you are, as frankly we do not care.

Ads: We use Google Adsense, Disqus Ads in comments and Insticator Ads of Trivia. All are third party and information collected with interaction of those ads are not associated with us.

Promotions: We now have introduced promotions as a way to add some revenue to the site. These are mostly focused on just adding aspects to the site including articles or videos. These are all internally linked as not to cause any problems, but we do have a special tier of the promoted movie button that could link off-site. This will be extremely well checked before to make sure it's safe and that it actually promotes the image shown.

Apps: At Gamerheadquarters we provide a number of applications currently only available on the Windows 10 universal platform. Those apps all follow this same policy including; "Gamerheadquarters", "Games with Gold", "Backwards Compatible Games", "Dimensions Guide", "EA Access Vault", "Origin Access Vault", "MC Guides and Videos" and "GOW4 Guide and Videos". These are informational apps designed purely to assist with knowledge and are tied to pages on Further, the above information now applies to any Android app developed under Infared Studios. We're not tracking any of your information in our apps at all, any sort of location issues would be with our ad provider which is Google Adsense. This includes the following apps; Ball Fall, Craft Run, Death Quest, I'm Bread I Run, Lovely Snowman, Meow Run: Cat Dash: Mine Runner Craft, Molly, Sphere, Spikemania, Stick Runner and Stickman Dancefloor

Updated: February 27, 2017.